Net-Gross Salary in Bulgaria

EN_Заплата Бруто-Нето
TZPB is a contribution to the "Work accident and occupational disease" fund, which the state collects from all employers. See TZPB for 2024
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About the Net – Gross salary calculator

On this page you can quickly calculate what the gross salary will be if you enter a net salary and vice versa. Additionally, you can see a breakdown of employee and employer insurance, the tax payable, and the total cost to the employer. The account is simplified to be a quick helper for business owners and their administrative departments.

Types of labor remuneration in Bulgaria

  1. Basic: This is the basic salary entered in the employment contract.
  2. Gross: This is the sum of the basic salary and the seniority allowance.
  3. Net: This is the desired net amount to be received (without any advance or other deductions from the net salary).
  4. Total employer expense: This amount includes the gross remuneration and insurance contributions at the expense of the employer.